Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

CityLinkers Lead Investors Through Funds and Registration

CityLinkers, a consultancy company in Hong Kong is leading clients through multiple investment programs; BVI Offshore Company Registration and Limited Partnership Funds are some of them. This firm consists of qualified financial experts that help investors primarily in Hong Kong but also internationally.

Investors from Hong Kong can consult CityLinkers for advice, guidance and completion of multiple tasks. Those tasks include the collection of documents for BVI Offshore Partnership Registration and Limited Partnership Funds, as well as application assistance, and related activities. The experts from CityLinkers are the reliable support every investor needs.

Limited Partnership Funds (LFP) is private fund management that the government of Hong Kong introduced in 2020. The purpose of this program is to protect investors’ benefits and provide better investment management. The regime does not require minimum capital and doesn’t have the typical statutory investment restrictions.

The BVI Offshore Partnership Registration allows investors to register a company on the British Virgin Islands (BVI). This area is one of the most popular areas in the business world. The British Virgin Islands offer attractive tax features and registration processes. The founders of the company get an opportunity to build an international reputation and access facilitated company management. BVI Offshore Companies do not restrict investors, directors, or shareholders. They protect assets effectively and make financing easy.

By hiring CityLinkers for the Limited Partnership Funds and BVI Offshore Partnership Registration, clients get comprehensive services that will keep them on the right path toward their business goals. They will shorten the time needed to access these programs and have an experienced advisor tracking every activity to ensure the process is running without any issues.