Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Facebook SEO Strategy

SEO works for increasing website ranking and traffic. Not only SEO for website is important, SEO for Facebook is also critical. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Some Facebook pages will be displayed in search engines. This means do well in SEO of both website and Facebook will increase the chance of enjoying more organic traffic in search engines. You may familiar with SEO strategy for website, thus we will talk about SEO strategy for Facebook this time. 

The first is choose the right name for Facebook page. This sounds simple. Actually not really. The name should includes your brand name, but keep it short. It is understood that insert some of your keywords in brand name will help SEO, but bear in mind the purpose of the name is to let your target audience remember and find you. The next step is the introduction of your Facebook page. Insert keywords, such as business name, product information and feature will help increase the SEO performance of Facebook. Another you should do is linking your Facebook page to website. When your website possesses a large no. of quality links, it favors to your organic search ranking. 

SEO is powerful. But manipulate it is not easy. SEO agency and Facebook marketing agency do well in it. SEO agency specialize in one-stop SEO work from choosing the right keywords to link building. With the help of SEO agency, you can focus on your business. Facebook marketing agency assist you on the Facebook SEO, create synergy for your SEO campaign. Remember to choose a good SEO agency and Facebook marketing agency.