Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

The utilization of vegetable ink and a range of eco-friendly materials for innovative packaging and printing is a practice that Hung Hing has been promoting since its foundation in 1950. This company is one of the leaders in the printing industry in Asia and its global presence is in constant growth. As a responsible company, Hung Hing uses its influence to encourage other businesses in the region to adopt environmentally friendly practices into their operations and contribute to the preservation of the planet on a great scale.

Innovative packaging is one of the characteristics most associated with Hung Hing, apart from the top quality of its products. This company is continually going the extra mile to provide new, modern solutions that express clients’ creativity and ideas. A dedicated team approaches each client with individual suggestions for their requests and impeccable production and distribution. Vegetable ink, soy ink, recycling practices, and eco-friendly operations ensure all the printing products meet the highest criteria in quality while designing products based on the client’s instructions.

Hung Hing established an expansive network with sourcing teams and component suppliers worldwide. Thus, apart from paper products with soy and vegetable ink, this company also provides innovative packaging products with light effects, electric sounds, and fabric elements. These possibilities enable clients and the design team to be even more creative because Hung Hing’s technologies and experience can make any idea come to a realization.

In addition to book printing, Hung Hing also offers the production of novelty items. Hence, clients can order jigsaw puzzles, flashcards, board games, and a range of other unique, custom products for special occasions, business, or individual purposes.