Thursday, November 30th, 2023

LPF HK and BVI Offshore Company Attract Hong Kong Investors

The government of Hong Kong is aiming to attract investors by offering various beneficial investing programs that are unique to this region. Limited Partnership Funds Hong Kong (LPF HK) was, therefore, introduced to investors on August 31st, 2020. It is a new regime that enables investors to register eligible private funds as limited partnerships.

LPF HK gained popularity shortly after its establishment. Investors recognized the potential of the ordinance and its benefits. This program offers partners more freedom of contract and does not require minimum capital. Also, LPF HK has fewer statutory investment restrictions comparing to other, similar frameworks.

To apply for the Limited Partnership Funds, interested parties are advised to hire professional financial consultants. CityLinkers is a consultancy company in Hong Kong that provides LPF HK assistance and guidance. The service includes LPF setup, reviewing documents, coordinating applications, and ensuring the LPF registration is fulfilling all the valid laws and regulations.

Apart from Limited Partnership Funds, clients can also request BVI Offshore Company Setup service at CityLinkers. This program assists investors in establishing an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

BVI offshore company setup features legal tax savings, it minimizes the business restrictions concerning investors, directors and shareholders; the company management is facilitated and the registration process is simple and easy.

Clients can hire CityLinkers for a professional BVI offshore company setup and experience the benefits of offshore investment. This professional team fulfills all the regulatory and statutory responsibilities. Thus, they give investors more time to develop other aspects of the company.