Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

MEMO Plus: PR Company for All Types of Businesses

MEMO + is a PR Company stationed in Hong Kong with a range of services that focus on brand building and advertising, among other services. This firm made over $100 million of PR value and it is one of the top 5 crisis management agencies in Hong Kong. The great achievements were rewarded with the Gold Award of 3rd PR Awards, which is another confirmation that MEMO + is on the right path to keep climbing the list of the best PR Service companies in Hong Kong.

The first step towards a successful project with this PR Company is the consultation service. It is the initial meeting that allows clients and PR consultants to get to know each other’s objectives, possibilities, and ideas. The PR Service divides into various packages that include solutions for new businesses, established companies, and struggling businesses.

MEMO + offers exceptional branding, media relations, investor relations, website development, design and production, online marketing, and other services to startups. The goal of every PR Service is to attract new clientele and build a good company reputation.

Established businesses can also request online marketing, social listening, advertising, event management, and other services that will take their companies to the next level.

Struggling companies can book premium crisis management to return their businesses to profitability. PR Company will create a custom plan that includes event management, media relations, and a set of other services that will work towards the recovery of the client’s distressed business.

Having a reliable PR collaborator is crucial for every company. MEMO + is a versatile PR Service provider that assists clients in all phases of business management.