Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Online Staff Training

One of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic changes our lives is that a lot more things are now conducted online. In general, each virtual event solution in the market serves a specific purpose. From webinars and meetings to info days and enterprise events, there is a virtual event solution available for use. And because the market is competitive and saturated, a virtual event solution needs to provide fantastic features to stand out. If you are deciding on which virtual event solution to purchase, there are several things you can look for. First, you can check whether it lets you restream easily across channels like Facebook and YouTube. Second, you can see if the 3D designs are realistic enough.

Most of us are used to conducting staff training face-to-face in groups. But have you ever thought about utilizing an online platform next time you conduct a staff training program? The benefits of using a trustworthy online staff training platform are as follows. Firstly, it helps you reach employees that are based in places outside HK or currently working from home. Secondly, you can conduct training session more flexibly. Since an online staff training platform supports a wide range of content format, you can provide training in the format of videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, etc. Thirdly, you can conveniently measure training progress thanks to the detailed engagement metrics an online staff training platform provides.