Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Writing blogs and news posts for your website

Writing blogs and news posts can keep websites relevant and rank well on search engines. But don’t start writing one just yet. You have to understand the difference between blogs and news first so the two sections don’t end up looking messy.

Regarding blogs, you can write freely about industry-related topics. Let’s say you work in a digital marketing company, you can write something about SEO and SEM, perhaps information about how SEO works and why SEM matters. Breaking big topics down and writing on a consistent basis is a good strategy. Let’s say you want to talk about SEO, you can brainstorm all the SEO-related topics you want to touch on, write them down, and schedule each for a weekly post. First blog being “What is SEO”, the second being “Why is SEO important”, and the third being “Technical SEO and Content SEO”, and the fourth being “SEO Keyword Research”, etc. And voilà, you have 4 blogs in hand, which is the perfect amount for a month!

As for the news section of your website, it needs to be factual. You can write about any new service or products, exciting new project update, awards or achievements updates, the fact that your company has recently expanded into a new state, etc.

Well, it is recommended that you separate your blogs and news into two sections. But if you are running a small business and it is improbable that you will write a blog or news post regularly, you can get away with combining the two into one section and name it “Blog/ News”.