Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

How Can an IB Math Tutor Help Students Select an IB Program?

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is an educational program rewarded with the IB Diploma after completing the studies of two years. The Diploma is recognized by world-leading institutions and serves as an enormous advantage to students that apply to elite international universities.

To obtain the prestigious diploma, students must first be accepted to the program. Those that choose mathematical studies can select the ‘Maths Applications and Interpretations (Math AI)’ and ‘Maths Analysis and Approaches (Math AA)’. It is important to make the right choice and a qualified IB Math Tutor can help with that.

Vic Li is a Hong Kong Math Tutor that prepares students for the IB exam using an effective, flexible methodology. Firstly, Vic discusses the objectives with the client and evaluates the student’s knowledge. Based on the collected information, the IB Math Tutor can suggest the best program and level. Both options are available at the Higher Level (HL) and the Standard Level (SL). If the student doesn’t make the right choice, he/she could fail the exam easily.

Vic is a Hong Kong Math Tutor with extensive experience in preparing students for an entrance examination. He has worked with admission consultants all over the world so Vic is familiar with the exam systems in the UK and US. Accordingly, he prepares students in a personalized way, depending on their goals and requirements.

To request the assistance of the IB Math Tutor, clients need to contact Vic and discuss their needs. Following this, the Hong Kong Math Tutor will create a study plan and suggest it to the student or student’s parents. After agreeing on all terms, the tutoring can begin and the client will be ready for the IB exam on time!