Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Positive Impact of Mental Health Service on Adolescents in HK

KELY Support Group is a nonprofit organization from Hong Kong with powerful Mental Health Service programs that influence young people in the region positively. The preventative approach of the group focuses on assisting youth in areas of mental health, as well as alcohol and drugs abuse.

Prevention is the most effective method of reducing the influence of drugs and alcohol on young people. With KELY’s assistance, educational institutions can promptly take care of youth’s mental health and wellbeing, which was significantly more difficult a few decades ago. People used to neglect the importance of the Mental Health Service. For that reason, young people were not educated enough about substance abuse and they didn’t know how to manage their emotions.

With KELY’s programs, students don’t feel alone. They learn about mental struggles and they can understand themselves better. The adolescent age is very delicate. It is extremely important to give this phase enough attention, education, and supervision; without only focusing on expectations, and pressure.

KELY Support Group provides an all-inclusive Mental Health Service. The organization established strong connections across the region. More and more educational institutions are implementing their programs with KELY’s services. The representatives of the Group are encouraging communities in Hong Kong to upgrade institutions with valuable mental health support that will help young people individually, while creating a positive environment for the generations to come.

The service center of KELY Support Group is available at all times. Interested clients can book a consultation and allow experts to tell them exactly how Mental Health Service can help their communities.