Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Which CCTV system to buy?

Do you know what you should look for when you’re picking out a CCTV system? To name a few, you should consider its video quality, recording capabilities, and components required, which help you choose between a network video recorder (NVR) and a digital video recorder (DVR).

Let me begin by talking about the advantages of NVR. NVR is compatible with advanced and high-definition IP cameras, meaning users can analyze videos for any suspicious activity easily. NVR provides amazing image and video quality as well. As NVR depends on wireless signals, you may face signal loss, and worse, security breaches. When it comes to DVR, DVR is a nice choice for start-ups because it costs less than NVR. DVR is also easier to set up and operate. But DVR only supports video transmission, and the image resolution is lower than NVR.

If you are interested in getting an NVR, you may want to learn more about its teammate – an IP camera, or better yet, a thermal IP camera. What are the functions of a good thermal IP camera? First of all, a good thermal IP camera can capture video through mist, dust, and smoke, in bright sunlight, and a completely dark environment. Secondly, a good thermal IP camera has a professional on-board analysis function to classify the intrusion of people or vehicles. Check out Guardsec for some excellent options!